The organic shapes of the figure are forever changing as a body moves through space catching and reflecting light as it transforms through the shadows of its environment. Even at rest, the figure inspires variations of form and color as it moves slowly with each inhalation of breath.

I am driven by my attempt to capture the energy of movement in pencil and paint. Watercolor allows me to explore unknown territory from which I extract the suggestion of one or more figures interacting with the surrounding space. Oil paints challenge my ability to stay focused on a moment of action prolonged over a long period of execution. Pencil and ink are simply a delight, dancing across the paper as swiftly as the figure before me moves to the rhythm of the music that fills the air.

Though my work is diverse, ranging from detailed landscapes to totally abstract fields of color and juxtapositions of lines and shapes, I return to the figure to regain my sense of balance and to renew my spirit.

Chris Carter

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Chris. Don’t ask how I got here either, but I am glad I made it. I live in Oakland with my wife and two kids. Max is the older one – he just started kindergarten this year. Zoe is the younger one – just 16 months behind him and in preschool.

  2. hi Chris, thanks for dropping by my blog. I really like your art, and the wonderful descriptive words. Thank you for sharing šŸ™‚

  3. aloha Chris – this is just an fyi to let you know i’ve added your site to one of my blogroll areas. if you’d prefer that i dont, please let me know. i’m sure it will change over time, but i never know how it will change until it does. . . – aloha – Wrick

  4. it’s a cloudy so. california day..
    our grandsons are chillen downstairs watching sponge bob,
    and i’m packen up the winter clothes.
    i long to work on the brain twister of a puzzle;
    yet there has been no time these past couple of weeks.
    but it’s there…
    i cannot enter or exit my kitchen without seeing it..
    i know that it’s symbolic of many things in my life:
    many things!
    hence, it has a place of prominence;
    because this lesson is bigger The Puzzle!
    and as compulsive as i would like to be about finishing it;
    this is one of my lesson….
    I am thankful for Grace when I’m working on it
    and Thankful for the Grace when i want to but cannot.
    Living in the Now really is powerful!
    Giving whatever i do 100%
    Blessings to the Reader

    1. Teresa Says:

      You get it…the meaning of life that is. Bless you for sharing it with others who don’t and putting it so eloquently. thank you for sharing these powerful and wise words that I’m blessed to have read and can share.

      I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 7 years ago. Translation: art was possibly out of my life forever. No toxins and my favorite medium is oil. I paint safely, and take physical precautions when using them.

      I’ve moved back home to So Cal, and taking my life back. Finding the new me and I feel better here, Chris’s art has motivated me to pick back up on my 1st medium again, colored pens. Chris you are an inspiration and Johanna you as well. Thank you both for being here on a day that you could make a difference. NO IDEA HOW I ENDED UP HERE, that’s the awesome part! Blessed be!

      1. Chris Carter Says:

        I’m taken aback, and thrilled that my blog has had such a fabulous positive influence. Please stay in touch and share your work with me! Thank you for letting me know I have made such a difference in your life.

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