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In early January I traveled to Asheville with my friend, Pete Lutz, to shoot a few trial art demo videos.  I totally froze in front of the camera, couldn’t even say my name comfortably.  Pete sent me the footage a few days ago and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Here are a few of the many bloopers……

Since then I purchased an ipad and I’m making my own little clips.  After the photo shoots in Asheville I realized I needed to become comfortable in the company of a camera.  Thanks, Pete!  You helped to make the giant leap into art video demos.  As soon as I edit the rest of the footage I’ll post the best of what we filmed in January.


The ‘WE’ collaborative painting project has begun.  The first trade of panels happened this weekend.

Stage One by Stephanie Smith

The panels are 10″ x 10″ and .75″ thick with a hanging hole drilled in the back, perhaps limiting the position that the panel will be hung.  Participants picked up the blank panels two weeks ago.  Each panel will be painted on by three different artists.  Each artist must leave something of the previous artists’ work visible.  The above panel is the one I received in exchange for the panel I turned in.

Stage One by Chris Carter

I decided to add three-dimensional elements on each of my three panels.  I’ve saved this netting for a couple of years, waiting for the perfect project and I think this is it.  I sealed the panel with acrylic GAC before applying some scrubs of acrylic yellows and oranges.  Finally, I adhered white tissue paper and the black netting to the surface using acrylic matte medium.

The final panels will be exhibited at Connexions Gallery in August.

Nicole has changed the format of the Carter Family site where I am posting the journal of  Thursday walks with my father who is losing more and more of his memory each day.  She  made it easier to access the entries as well as make it searchable across the internet.  The hope is that perhaps others will be inspired to find ways to enjoy the “present time” with loved ones who also suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.  Blogs make it easy to share photos, drawings, poems and thoughts of those moments with family members who live too far away to enjoy the walks, the talks and the smiles.

Gramps contemplating the beauty of the clouds

I want to thank those of you who posted comments on the previous journal entries.  In changing the format we were not able to connect the comments with the posts.  I’m sorry about that.  Your comments mean a lot me and to my family.  If you wish to re-comment, please feel free to do so.

Here is a link to the new posting page to view the journal of my Walks With Dad.

Portrait of Gramps sketched first in pencil, followed by Ciao Copic Markers

Whew!  Thanks to the help of a dear friend, the 54 small paintings of musicians are now matted, framed, dust covers attached, and wired for hanging.  What a relief.  An additional 22 paintings are matted and slipped into clear bags.  They will be in a portfolio stand.

Rob Fraser and Roger Voss

The opening at Connexions Gallery in Easton, PA will be on April 16th at 7 pm. My hope is that the musicians I have painted will come to the exhibit and see what a fabulous inspiration they are.  The paintings are, in my mind, a collaboration between me and the musicians.  The passion for rhythms expressed through sound and the energy of all the people in the room responding to those sounds are the driving force behind my lines and brushstrokes.  The marks on the paper are my expression of those moments.

Ray Higgins, Steve, Joe Mac

On Sunday, May 15th at 2pm I will be giving an artist’s talk at the gallery.  I hope many of the musicians come out for both events.  Almost all of the paintings were done during the Todd Wolfe Blues Jam at the Larry Holmes Ringside Restaurant in Easton, PA during the last four months.  Unfortunately, Todd just left for a two month European tour last Wednesday and will miss the exhibit.

Both of the images posted above started with dip pen, black ink line drawings followed by strokes of watercolor allowed to blend wet in wet on the paper.

Perhaps this doesn’t qualify…. but then again, maybe it does.

Reflections on the trunk of an Imperial

I’ve enjoyed and been inspired by Carol Marine’s Daily painting blog for a long time.  She has recently posted a weekly challenge that involves posting the paintings of other artists who are working from the same weekly reference photo.  Though I don’t like working from photos, I love the idea of seeing a variety of interpretations.  Granted, so far, all of the posted paintings show most of the Imperial auto as seen in the reference image.  Though I love old cars, I was only inspired by the reflection of the building as the curve of enameled metal bent the rigid lines of the buildings into beautiful, irregular, curving shapes.

The other contributions, so far, have been oil or perhaps acrylic paintings.  With my time restrictions, I will contribute ink contour drawings with watercolor washes from my sketchbook.

Take a peak at the submissions of the Daily Paintworks DPW Challenge.

I am having trouble submitting my painting, so you won’t see it posted yet.  I’ll let you know what the snag is as soon as I hear back from Carol.

We had a couple of hours before taking me to the airport to catch my plane back to New Jersey.

Sharing a canvas with Monica

Monica’s palette consists of three colors of house paint; blue, yellow and red.  I was delighted to have the opportunity to have the opportunity to throw a bit of paint again.  Monica hadn’t used a hair dryer before to blow puddles around.  Her brushes were all quite small, so I opted to use chunks of corrugated cardboard instead to apply the strips of yellow paint.

Monica playing with the hair dryer

I’m hoping that Monica will send me a photo of the completed collaborative painting.

Playing with House Paint

It’s always refreshing to splash about with paint.

The New Evolution - Oil on Kraft Paper

I awoke to find an email from Oriana Pickmann, a writer born in Peru and now living in Norway.  She wrote to me to ask permission to use my paintings to illustrate her words on several of her blogs, all written in Spanish.  I visited the blogs and gave her permission to use whichever paintings she thought appropriate to complement her words.

After a bit of frustration looking for an easy way to translate the words that were paired with my images I found a wonderful site that translates entire paragraphs, not just words. I’m sure the meaning is not quite what Oriana has intended, but at least I have an idea of what my images have evoked through her eyes.

For me, these occasional intercontinental connections that are possible in today’s world of the internet are more exciting than a gallery exhibition.  I usually don’t have any idea at all of the connections being made by the people visiting the gallery.

Here are links to two of the blogs where Oriana has posted my paintings:

And this is the link to the site that translates entire paragraphs from Spanish into English:

A bit later …… Oriana just emailed me a link to another website that translates many languages… .  When I downloaded Babylon Free Translating Software it changed all my settings so I uninstalled it.  The two online translating websites work quite well without fouling up your computer.

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