Painting Games

One of the many rewards of motherhood is receiving wonderful, handmade treasures from my children.

Fimo Creature with Bottle Cap Umbrella

Playing the Seasonal Version of The Color Scheme Game is more difficult than I had imagined.  The task was to paint the sketchbook drawing of the Fimo Creature in Winter Evening colors.  I feel the different parts of my brain working as I roll the clock back to a remembered winter evening and attempt to fix it in my brain. The subject of my drawing is not a factor. I strive to express the mood of the evening by choosing colors that suggest the atmosphere of that past moment.   There are as many color combinations of winter evenings as there are minutes in a day.  At times it feels more like a process of elimination, removing color and saturation options one at a time until I have distilled the choices.  This is exactly what I wanted from this exercise.

Sketchbook drawing:   Family Treasures No. 38, Fimo Creature with Bottle Cap Umbrella. Drawn first with fountain pen followed by watercolor.  Seasonal color Palette …. Winter Evening.

It’s time to register for The Color Scheme Game Workshop at The Center for Contemporary Art!

Date: September 12, 2012, 10 am til 2 pm.  All you need to bring is three tubes of any yellow, any blue and any red watercolor paint.  I will provide everything else!  A pencil and sketchbook is always recommended, of course, but not an essential this time around.

Color Scheme Game Workshop Materials

Here is a link to the course description and registration: The Color Scheme Game Workshop

My magic bag is filled with paper, palettes, brushes, vintage dip pen nib holders, nibs, vintage fountain pens, mechanical pencils, a variety of colored inks, ink vial holders, handmade sketchbooks, color chart templates, Color Scheme Game Rules and cards as well as plenty of dice.

An eight page coptic bound sketchbook made from Rives BFK paper, a twelve-sided die, a set of Color Scheme Game Cards, along with print outs of all rules to The Color Scheme Game as well as The Extended Color Scheme Game will be sent home with each of the students.  In addition, a package of templates to use at home to make and use your own color wheels will also be part of the take home loot!

Join us for the fun on September 12th.  If you can’t make it then, you might want to schedule your own Color Scheme Game Party Night or arrange for a workshop in your area.

I am beginning to send out notices to garden clubs, arts stores,art associations, libraries and environmental centers to schedule demonstrations and/or workshops.  If you have any locations in mind, please let me know.


Morning is a great time to flex the creativity muscles.  The annoying “don’t do it that way” attitude is not yet awake.

Primary Triad Color Scheme

As usual, I over-complicated the basic rules for the Color Scheme Game.  The end result is that I have a fabulous, all-level Painting Game that includes (at the choice of the player) basic elements of art: Line, Shape, Value, Color, Texture and Space.  The game may be played with either cards, dice or both.  Coming from a serious game-playing family, creating a game to be played alone or in groups to learn or overcome barriers in painting is a simple and fun solution.  It is the perfect foundation for the workshops I will offer starting in the spring of this year.

For me, playing a game is a much more pleasurable way to break old habits and explore new territory.

Sketchbook painting: Drawn first with fountain pen filled with black ink, followed by washes of watercolor using a limited palette of cadmium Yellow, Scarlet Lake and French Ultramarine Blue.  I added a bit of white acrylic at the end to bring back a white in the paintbrush where I felt it was needed.

To see a sample painting sketch of today’s Secondary Triad Color Scheme visit my Creative Color Blog.