Home again after an inspiring and adventurous ten days in California.  Great people, great landscapes, great food and great weather.

San Francisco Streets

One of my goals was to play with the perspective of the streets during the two days I spent in the city of San Francisco.

Slanted streets and houses

The one day in San Franciso that I planned to sketch rather than walk and snap photos, it began to rain as soon as I put ink to paper.

Slanted landscapes everywhere

Most of my time was spent drawing and painting on Moffett Field in Mountain View and exploring the hills in the surrounding area.  Though I love the beauty of the flat landscape in New Jersey where I live, I feel more connected with the slanted and rolling landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pacific Ocean Reflections

In addition to slanted landscapes, reflections and shadows turned out to be threads that wove the fabric of my trip.

Pacific Ocean Seaweed Shadows

Already, I  look forward to returning, perhaps in January, to teach another Color Scheme Game Workshop not only in Santa Rosa., but in Mountain View and San Francisco as well.  In addition to the Color Scheme Game Workshop I’ll be teaching a Color Value Workshop in Santa Rosa. (Thanks again, Joanie Springer, for helping to make this such a successful trip!  Thank you Kristen and Zak at Village Art Supply for hosting a last minute workshop in the middle of your amazing art store! )

Photos taken in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In my email this morning I saw a familiar name I hadn’t seen since 1977.

Al Razza, Steve and Matt Reider, 1976

Al Razza
had been contacted for an interview on and saw my interview posted.  I didn’t know it had been published yet. Here’s a link to the interview.  Al and I attended Massachusetts College of Art in the 70’s.  I’m delighted to know that he has continued life as an artist and is doing extremely well, even in these challenging times.

Photograph: While attending Mass College of Art I continued my work in Black and White Photography, apprenticing with Eileen Toumanoff.  This is a portrait I shot of Al, his friend Steve, and Matt, the son of the family I lived with at the time.

Luke’s water glasses stole the show as the peirogies cooked in the frying pan.

Water Glass Still Life No. 1

Abstract Still Life of Water Glass

Pouring Seltzer Still Life

Water Glass Still Life No. 27

When inspiration strikes there is no stopping me ……