Snap Pea that survived the crows

2010 marks a return to making time for two activities that enhance my life and bring me joy, painting outdoors and gardening.  When Alexis, Nicole and Michael were young children we spent most of our days in our garden.  The neighbors marked the end of winter by the day I began to dig in the dirt.  A geodesic dome draped with brightly colored cloths and a homemade teepee provided shelter and an environment that nurtured our imaginations.  Larkspur  (inspired by the Nancy Drew novel ‘The Password to Larkspur Lane’ by Carolyn Keene) and cone flowers grew in abundance along one side of the fence, iris on the other.  Pirate flags flapped in the breeze above the tepee or from the second story window of Michael’s bedroom.  The garden was our joy and our sanity.  The time has come to reclaim that joy and that sanity and to support the movement to grow healthy, organic, heirloom plants to nourish our bodies and to preserve our environment.

Inspired by Barbara Kingsolver’s book, ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’, I am listing sources for information to help you eat locally raised and grown food products and to raise and grow your own.  My favorite heirloom seed company, Sheperd’s Garden Seeds, was sold to White Flower Farm.  The original owner of Sheperd’s now has a new company, Renee’s Garden. Another fabulous heirloom seed company, Heronswood Nursery, Ltd. was purchase by Burpee and then closed.  The trend to limit our garden seed to hybrids must stop.


Organizations teaching and promoting locally appropriate, sustainable farming:

Listings of local farmer’s markets and local producers:

5 Responses to “Gardening”

  1. yeah – i’m a learn as i grow – or try to grow – gardener. …altho i hesitate to even use that term for what i do. one of my goals here was to be able to eat something i grew fresh every day the year round. at first i was eventually able to do that if i included herbs, now i dont have to include them very often – i just like them.

    i agree about your statement regarding hybrids. i often plant seeds from things i eat that i’ve bought at stores. i know the hybrids dont have a chance – still sometimes i plant them in pots. and yeah, i think it is the big company way of keeping a dependency on buying from them. and yeah again, there is no reason why in the little space i have – which i’m sure is ample – that i shouldnt be able to grow enough to eat and a great variety at that – or at least most of what i need to eat. …my last seed planting from a store bought item was bitter melon. which have sprouted altho insects got the first group, i have a second group on the way. i also have some dragon fruit critters. but i suspect i have to buy a book to learn how to get it to grow right to produce fruit.

    …and an aside… not that most of this isnt an aside… the other day i had a vision of sorts. it was a pattern that i’m exploring as well as words. it had to do with 3 words. Gather, Give, Enough. so i’ve been playing with that as a concept and wondering why money has to be such a dominating part of our life. (Gather as in bringing in – as in what we need, Give as in giving out – what others need and Enough as in understanding when and that, we have enough).

    1. p.s. this may be a problem with my end of the process – or it may be something you can fix if others have the same issue… the usda/gov farmers markets link wouldnt open for me. i googled and had difficulty connecting too, so it may be me. when i cut and pasted out of the google possibilities then i could get to a site. i have no idea why that is. when i cut and pasted yours, i still couldnt get there tho.

    2. Chris Carter Says:

      Knowing and acting on the ” enough ” is such a challenge, every day.

  2. Barbara Anderson Says:

    Chris – You have developed such a wonderful talent! How I wish my brother Bruce could have seen your daffodil and also this blog on gardening. He had planted 4000 daffodils and 8000 irises prior to his passing in 2004. He had a fantastic garden that he did every year – at first his sons helped him n then he found an elderly Russian immigrant that did. His yard was his passion (second only to his boys). How I miss him but I do know that you two would have truly enjoyed each other! Congrats on all yr success n seemingly a great sense of peace! Barbara

    1. Chris Carter Says:

      Barbara – Iris have been my favorite flower for as long as I can remember. They were beautiful this year, yet I was unable to paint them. I am already impatient for next spring. For me, an iris symbolizes growing old with dignity and the beauty of spirit. Next year, when I paint the gorgeous iris in bloom, I will tell that story. Thank you for sharing the story of your brother. Do you have any photos of his iris and daffodil gardens? I am in awe of his passion for the two flowers I love so much.

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