Sterling Edwards – playful, colorful watercolors with a slant toward the abstract

Quang Ho – lively, expressive figures, landscape and still life paintings

Craig Srebnik – Figurative, portraits, landscapes,  street scenes, plein air  and more…. Exception, inspiring work.

Bobbi Heath – Plein Air artist specializing in landscapes and seascapes.  I love the simplicity of shapes and the lively color.  She lives and paints in Maine.  She currently (September 11, 2010) is in France painting with several other artists.

Gabriel Phipps – Abstract artist. Gabriel does not appear to have a web site of his own.  By searching his name you can view a wonderful selection of his unique geometric abstract, sensual (in my opinion) work.  Here is a quick link to view one of his pieces:

Qiang-Huang – A Daily Painter who, I feel, is exceptional.  He is strongly influenced by Richard Schmid with whom he recently studied.

Henry Casseli – A note of Betty Stroppel’s that was taped to her white,, enamel worktable led me to the discovery of Henry Casseli’s powerful watercolors and portraits.

Carol Marine – Exciting daily painting, fresh, bold and colorful –

Mark Mehaffey – watercolors and water media paintings, strong abstracts as well as representational work.

Charles Reid I love his figurative work, his portraits and his en plein air painting.  His work has inspired me since the mid 80’s.

Elizabeth Tolley Stunning en plein air and studio landscapes.

Robert Burridge Great energy, great color, exciting blend of reality and abstract and whimsical clarity.   Check out all of his pages!  Don’t skip his Roadside Attractions.

Zhaoming Wu Remarkable figurative work.  I also love his landscapes

Casey Baugh Breathtaking contemporary portraits

Carla O’Connor Watercolor – Abstract Realism/Figurative.  I absolutely love her work.

Richard Schmid Oil – Watercolor .. Incredible landscapes and figurative work.  Realism with a splash

Jacques Villon – older brother of Marcel Duchamp.  Moving the figure through space.  My favorite cubist works are the paintings of Jacques and Marcel.

Marcel Duchamp

Jules Chéret (May 31, 1836 – September 23, 1932) French painter and lithographer, master of Belle Époque poster art.

Stirling Edwards – Watercolor

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  1. David Cuin Says:


    I’m trying to trace Betty Stroppel. I am a student of her’s from long ago. I know she is in assisted living in New Jersey where I am visiting from Colorado until Sunday – do you have an address for her (I noticed you have a pic of her palette posted).



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