I promise this will be the last post on book binding ….. for a while.

An ordinary Composition Book

After drawing on the last page of my store-bought, coptic-bound, lined, travel log journal I felt desperate.  There was something about drawing and painting on the lined paper during road trips that I like.  Unlike the blank paper I have of all sizes, stashed everywhere throughout the house, I don’t have any lined paper that is large enough to make a sketchbook journal with the lines going in a horizontal direction.  My solution?  Cut apart one of the many yet-to-be-used composition books on my shelf and re-bind it.

Stage one and two

After cutting the book apart, I re-organized it into signatures.

Useful information

The inside of the front and back covers is filled with “useful information”.  I like having such information at my fingertips.

Rebound Composition Book

Finished Composition Book.

Another view

Now I’m ready for my next road trip.  I leave on Friday to head to a haunted hotel in Lexington, Kentucky.