In spite of the fact that I rarely if ever post on this blog, or the CreativeColor Blog anymore, I continue to have new subscribers on both.

Flowering Purple Oxalis Mandala

Flowering Purple Oxalis Mandala

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Since my return to traveling, teaching workshops, painting en plein air and intuitive studio painting, the creative juices are flowing like Niagara Falls.  The focused color study by playing the color Scheme Game is paying off.  This year’s focus is on design through geometry.  I’ll be teaching in Maryland in March and back in California in May, November, and possibly July or August.  The workshops are better than ever thanks to the feedback from my students!  Workshops and Events are posted on my website as well as updated in the monthly Newsletter.

I hope you tune in to the new blog.

Maria’s Dad sent photos of his progress.  He is doing a fabulous job on the Butterfly and Coneflower jacket yoke.

Center Butterfly Completed

Two Butterflies Completed

Three Butterflies and one Coneflower completed

Three Butterflies and Three Coneflowers completed

The sky is a bit challenging.  We are discussing a clarification of cloud delineation that will work well with the butterflies and coneflowers.  A gradual transition of light to dark blue is difficult in needlepoint.  Any suggestions for graduation of value and color without cloud patterns?