Phil whisked me away to her cottage at Chapman Lake to review the experience of the first Color Scheme Game Workshop.

Forks, Fountain Pens and Friendship

We spent twenty four hours walking, talking, knitting, drawing and eating ice cream.  Standing in a meadow late at night, we gazed up at the Milky Way.  The autumn colors are beginning to show on the trees surrounding the lake.  The cottage has been in her family for decades.  It will soon belong to a new family who will create their own memories and history of summers and weekends swimming, boating and eating ice cream.  Though most of the furniture remains with the house.  The forks will stay with Phil.

Sketchbook drawing: Drawn with a vintage, Sheaffer Fountain Pen, later painted with waterbrush and peerless watercolor papers. Link to the painted version on my Creative Color Blog.

Tomorrow morning I catch a train into New York City.

Kathleen in New York City, 1969

In 1952 Kathleen lived three houses up and across the street.

Dad pointing out where the house would be built

My parents moved the family to New Jersey from Indiana in 1952.  I am wearing the blue snowsuit.  I had not yet met Kathleen.

Helping my parents build the house, 1953

By the time the seasons had changed and I was wearing red overalls, Kathleen and I had become friends.

Kathleen, June 1969

We had our ups and downs, as all relationships do.  Through it all our bond grew stronger in spite of the distance between us as we went our separate ways after graduating from high school in 1969.  Three days ago Kathleen turned 60.  The next three days will be spend together, laughing, talking, walking, drinking wine, eating chocolate, having adventures in New York City and celebrating life, love and friendship.