The K-car, in preparation for the upcoming road trip, received two new tires, a strut from the junkyard, spark plugs, windshield wipers and an oil change.  I had three hours to kill.

Behind Gibson’s Gym

It’s a short walk from Tony’s Auto to Gibson’s Gym.  An unusual headache made my workout too challenging, forcing me to retreat to the shade of a huge tree along the creek behind the gym.  I set up my fisherman’s stool and distracted myself from the pain by drawing.  It works almost every time.

sketchbook drawing: drawn first with fountain pen followed by Peerless Watercolor applied with waterbrush.

An odd day.  The most focused moments were sketching in the car after working out at the gym.

View from the parking lot behind Gibson's Gym

Sorting through old work I decide that everything that doesn’t excite me goes into the dumpster.

The warm weather drove me outside to paint a bit in the afternoon.  I opted for watercolor over oil today.  All three paintings ended up in the trash.  Some days are like that.

Image: drawn first with fountain pen filled with mix of Noodler’s Red and Black inks, followed by color using Water brush and Peerless Watercolor Papers. I love the bleed of the ink into the green letters of the sign.