Last night I transplanted thirty-five, eight inch tall, GirasolMammoth Sunflower seedlings.

Sunflower Seedling

Eighteen were planted in the far corner of the yard between the raspberry bed and the Blueberry house.  At daybreak, only eleven remained.  I believe the groundhogs living under the tool shed had a tasty, midnight snack.  It is survival of the fittest in my backyard.

The rest of the seedlings were planted along the fence close to the house amongst the poison ivy vines.  I’m hoping the poison ivy will act as a deterrent.  Once the seedlings are too large to be munched on by small critters, I’ll yank out the poison ivy.

Odd colors for a sunflower seedling?  I decided to use the same color scheme for the seedling as I used for this morning’s Trumpet Parts No. 91.  The color scheme game dictated Analogous with one complement, violet as dominant color.

There were still eleven seedlings thriving between the berries after dinner this evening.

Sketchbook drawing: drawn first with fountain pen and ink followed by watercolor.

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