Winter is settling in and I’m spending too much time at the computer working on the new website, coordinating workshops and drinking hot liquids.

A painting once again in progress 30″ x 40″ oil

I have several solo exhibits scheduled in 2013.  At least one of them is focused on the power of art as a healing force.  The spaces are large and the opportunity to create a new body of large scale work thrills me.  Sorting through my inventory of oil paintings was a perfect shift away from computer work.  Nine paintings will be getting a new coat of paint.  As an artist, I’ve grown considerably since these paintings were originally resolved.  I can now take them further.

After several hours of mixing, brushing and rubbing to lighten, brighten and breathe new life into the one pictured above, I returned to my computer with a fresh mind and a lighter heart.  The painting was originally extremely dark.  It’s one of the first in a series of work created in 2003 as the result of a personal healing experience.

Oil on canvas, 30″ x 40″

I can’t believe I’m starting over again with a new website ….

“New Seed” oil on kraft paper

This time around I am not attempting to do it all myself.  My new site will offer free tutorial videos, online workshops, an assortment of galleries as well as a unique shop filled with an eclectic offering of used books, miscellaneous art supplies and small paintings.  This is the perfect time to re-evaluate what I’ve done, the paths I’ve explored and the paths I want to continue exploring as well as new directions.  Time to decide which seeds I’ll be planting in the spring and how I will nurture them for an abundant harvest in the summer and fall.

“New Seed” …. from the series of large oil paintings on kraft paper created several years ago, the first series of my Healing Through Art paintings.