I find it refreshing to be disconnected from cyberspace while exploring the back roads of Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.  The absence of good restaurants is less refreshing, but the delicious hickory smoked BBQ makes up for it.  I am not, however, a big fan of Burdoo (Kentucky Road Kill Stew).

Stairwells everywhere

Our only real destination was the Campbell House, an old hotel in Lexington, Kentucky.  Tom had stayed here before and was told that it was haunted.  It’s a great hotel, full of character ….. but no ghosts as far as I could tell.

Lexington is smaller than I thought …. only three tall buildings in the whole city.  After walking about and tasting some of the local hickory smoked BBQ (Rib Tips) we stopped in at De Sha’s for a taste of Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale on tap.  Unbelievable!  It’s served in a snifter rather than a mug due to its high alcohol content.  We just missed the last tour of the brewery.

James Oliver drawing Batman

The couple sitting next to us had also stopped in for a snifter or two.  Jame’s father, Jim Oliver was also an artist.  He won the 1990 competition for the Kentucky Duck Stamp.  James is a chip off the old block.  He agreed to do a drawing in my sketchbook.

James Oliver’s ink drawing of Batman

Before retiring for the night, I wandered the halls of the haunted hotel and stopped to draw the grand piano and wing back chairs in one of the sitting rooms.

Sitting Room at Campbell House

In the morning we stopped at Keeneland Race Track before heading south.

Keeneland Race Track

We stayed for two races.  In the second race, my horse, #4, Zeb, won!  Having placed a $5 bet, I won $20.50.  Not bad for my first horse race!

4 pm, Route 150 in Kentucky

Along Route 150 we saw miles and miles of stone walls of the design shown in the ink drawing above.  The bottom part is flat rocks piled horizontally upon one another.  The top layer is the same flat rocks leaning vertically upon one another.

I’ll stop for today….. this reminds me of the 50’s and 60’s when we bored one another with slide shows of vacations.

Route 49, North Carolina

Sketchbook drawings:  ink is drawn with a fountain pen.  Watercolors are painted with a waterbrush using pigments in pans stored in an Altoid Mint Box.

We’ve been keeping track of the mileage.  Yesterday the 1988 K-Car got 29.55 miles per gallon.  We’ve averaged about 27 mpg.  Not bad for an old car.