It’s 10 degrees in New Jersey.  I’m happy to be heading to warmer weather.

Ed's Pipe Bender

Ed’s Pipe Bender

Fortunately, first thing Monday morning, Ed solved the problem I was having with my K-car.  It barely made it up any incline and had no oomph when merging from the left onto a highway into speeding traffic.  The exhaust system was clogged.  My mechanic treats me like a queen.  Maybe it’s the oatmeal raisin cookies I bring him, or maybe he just loves working on my old junkers.  Being in a panic, hoping I could make it to his shop without having to call to get the car towed, I left my backpack behind.  Ed gave me paper and pen and I settled in to drawing the Pipe Bender I’ve had my eye on for a couple of years now.  Ed finished up with my car before I finished the drawing.  What service!

Why do I mention this while waiting for my plane to take off?  Because Tom’s car broke down in the driveway at 2 am when we were leaving for the airport.  A quick switch over to the K-car and we were on our way again.  It took an hour for the car to warm up, but at least it works!

I hope to see some of you in a few days in Santa Rosa, California!  I’ll be at Village Art Supply.  There will be a free demo on Thursday evening, an art appreciation session on Friday evening and full-day workshops on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!  It’s not too late to sign up.

Line Drawing:  Pipe Bender – Proformer II, drawn on printer paper with a bic pen.

Back to the Trumpet Parts Series on a rainy, dismal day.

Trumpet Parts No 23, Pen & Ink Drawing

Pen and Ink can be extremely demanding of time.  I have to stop being frantic about large chunks of time devoted to a single page in my sketchbook.  When I begin to lose focus it’s better for me to stop and pick the pen up again after a break, otherwise I make marks I later regret.  Pen and ink is as rewarding as it is frustrating.  Often, just switching the color of the ink is all I need to feel excited about my next drawing,

Sketchbook drawing: Drawn with Noodler’s Flex fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher (Blue) ink.

I posted this a couple of days ago from my phone.  I didn’t realize it was password protected….. Sorry about that.  I’ll be back on a more normal schedule tomorrow…. drat!image

Friday morning. At 7 pm that night the 48 Hour Film Festival began, a pleasant break from my recent schedule.
This is another attempt at a mobile phone upload.

Even when I’m not quite in the right balance for ink and paint to flow, a few gems come home with me from the Tuesday Night Blues Jams.

Joe Mac at the Blues Jam

The portrait of Joe Mac is my favorite painting of the night.  Nothing seemed to be going right for me until he started playing and the hand responded.  My mind was in such a funk, I wasn’t sure if it worked or not.  The smile on Joe’s face when he saw it made the whole night worthwhile.

Drawn first with dip pen and black ink, followed by watercolor washes of cool blues and purples.

Postcards for the exhibit of the Blues Jam paintings at Connexions Gallery (opening reception onMarch 16th) didn’t make it in time for me to pass them around to the musician last night.  I’ll post info on Facebook and pass out postcards next Tuesday night.

I had forgotten this little gem.

Making a line shimmy and shake

I think this little ink drawing was done during a Zumba class.  Line is, for me, the most expressive mark I make and dancing bodies bring out the best in me.  I continue to strive for this kind of vitality in my paintings.

Tonight is the weekly Blues Jam at Larry Holmes Ringside Restaurant in Easton, PA.  Mike and Monica are flying up from Florida this morning and will join me at the Blues Jam.  I think they will love the music and the dance floor.  Not only will I get to paint the musicians tonight, I will have the opportunity to paint Mike and Monica dancing.  They are both awesome dancers.  I don’t think my fountain pen will do them justice.  I think it’s a night for the dip pen.

The joy of creating a specialized gift for a loved one.


Top Spin Slice Power First Serve


Gift giving time has always been a challenge for me.  I am not a shopper and I don’t like risking giving something that the person might not like and that will add clutter to their environment.  Creating a little drawing or painting often resolves that conflict for me.  Even if the gift is not something the person likes very much, it is clear that I had them in mind and made the time to create something unique for them.

My Dad’s loving companion, Jane, travels around the country playing tennis.  I know very little about tennis.  Thanks to the internet I was able to view a series of photographs that illustrated the “Top Spin Slice Power First Serve”.

I used my Cross Fountain Pen to draw this gesture line drawing.