I keep slipping further behind on my Daily Paintworks Challenges.  My personal muse is screaming at me for attention, especially when I have so little time.

Broccoli, oil on wood panel

I am letting go of my commitment to the Daily Paintworks Challenge and embracing the Daily Chris Carter Challenge.  I will continue to check in the DPW Challenge, but I will skip the ones that require me to work from a photograph.  I like working from life and life is too short to paint from photographs if I can avoid it.

Today I said goodby to “Hecate”.  I don’t often barter these days, but I was swept off my feet by a black and white photograph by Brad Browne, “Before the Sermon”. (It’s the one featured on his web site main page.  It now hangs on my wall, thanks to “Hecate”.  I am glad that painting has a good home.  It is one that is quite special to me.

Hecate the Moon Goddess

Title: Hecate
Dimensions: 22″ x 30″

Hecate is known as the Moon Goddess or Queen of the Night. She is also a Triple Goddess. The Triple Goddess represents the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. The maiden is both innocent and a seductress. The Mother is fertile and strong, able to nourish the emotional needs of her children while also protecting them physically. The Crone is wise and skilled at healing body, soul and spirit. Her guise as Maiden and Mother are often forgotten.

Urania is one of the nine muses, goddesses of music, song and dance.  Urania’s distinctive attribute is astronomy.

Urania, Goddess of Astronomy, watercolor and gouache

This painting may or may not be hanging on the wall at Connexions Gallery in Easton, PA as part of the Spring Show.  I will find out tonight at the opening.  The painting is one from the series of watercolor paintings based on mythology.  I return to the exploration of archetypes as I attempt to capture the essence of character, posture and personality of the musicians I paint on Tuesday nights at the Blues Jam. Understanding the archetypes of mythological characters helps me to observe and express the interactions of people in public places.

I mix gouache into my watercolor to bring back light areas and redefine shapes that create patterns of movement through the painting.