The K-car, in preparation for the upcoming road trip, received two new tires, a strut from the junkyard, spark plugs, windshield wipers and an oil change.  I had three hours to kill.

Behind Gibson’s Gym

It’s a short walk from Tony’s Auto to Gibson’s Gym.  An unusual headache made my workout too challenging, forcing me to retreat to the shade of a huge tree along the creek behind the gym.  I set up my fisherman’s stool and distracted myself from the pain by drawing.  It works almost every time.

sketchbook drawing: drawn first with fountain pen followed by Peerless Watercolor applied with waterbrush.

I don’t often get sick ….. today is the exception.  I head cold has me at its mercy.

Dr. Frisoli's Christmas Tree

I fought off the oncoming cold with two doses of Alka-Setzer yesterday so that I could make it through the day with my Dad.  His annual physical was scheduled for the afternoon and the family Holiday party at his assisted living facility was held in the evening from 6-8 pm.  I barely made it home before my eyelids closed for the night.

I don’t make a habit of allowing a cold to keep me from my tasks.  I guess I needed a day to myself for healing body, mind and soul.

Sometimes, when in the throws of a cold, things happen that are a bit unreal.  Unfortunately, as the fever subsides, reality once again claims control.  I’m looking forward to checking, in the morning, the contents of the box that arrived at my doorstep this afternoon.  Can the contents of the package really be what they look to be?  Did I not read the small print when I placed my order?  I’m hoping that what I saw this afternoon I will see again in the morning.  I feel a bit like Alice and I haven’t even taken any cold medication.  Certainly something has made me a bit smaller than I was yesterday.

Sketch: Drawn first with Waterman Phileas fountain pen filled with black ink followed by Peerless Watercolor and washes of tube watercolor later in the day.

Yesterday I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at St. Luke’s Hospital, Anderson Campus, Easton, PA where my painting now hang in the Bone and Joint Unit.

The crowd minus the musicians

The musicians took a break just as I prepared to paint them.  I left space for them, but they didn’t return.

This was the trial run for my ultra portable watercolor travel kit.  To see details of the makeup palette, visit my  Creative Color blog.

Sketch: Drawn in a small, moleskin sketchbook, first with fountain pen followed by washes using Peerless Watercolor Papers.

A few samples drawn for my Dad after our walk together.

Ink and Peerless Watercolor Papers

I think drawing and painting will open up a new way to communicate with my father as words become more difficult for him.  The Peerless Watercolor Papers and a waterbrush make it extremely easy for us to sit side by side on a bench and add color to simple pencil or ink drawings.  As the weather gets colder, we will be able to sit in the car and sketch and paint.  If it is too cold to sit in the car, we can go to a mall.  I am not a shopper, but I love to sketch the bustle of the place.  Dad and I can sit at a table sipping coffee and sketching the people walking by.  He won’t remember where he was or that he was drawing and painting, but he will have a sketchbook filled with the proof of his experiences.

I have posted the drawings and painting he did today on the Carter Family Blog if you would like to take a look.

Sketch: Drawn first with fountain pen followed by washes of watercolor with a Kuretake Water Brush and Peerless Watercolor Papers

No power….. sat at my drawing table in the light of the storm and made color palettes with the Peerless Water Color Papers

Color Schemes in cd cases

I ordered the Peerless Water Color Papers from Creative Mode.

I’ll post the next step to color Wheels Three and Four as soon as I can.  No internet access at home.

My middle name is Insomnia.  Sleep, for me, is a total waste of time unless I have either flying dreams or dreams of ever-expanding buildings.  My body has a totally different attitude about sleep…. it needs it.

Failed plan for palette layout

Instead of sleeping last night, my mind obsessed over the plan for today’s palette layout of my new Peerless Watercolor Papers.  Finally, at 4 am I fell asleep and woke up too late to execute my plan.  I quickly clipped segments of watercolor paper and taped them into the cd case, completely void of organization.

It is Thursday, the day I take my father on an adventure of one sort or another.  He is suffering from Alzheimer’s.  I am learning a totally new way to communicate and to be completely in the moment, for that is all there is for my father.  Today we drove into the mist, crossed the Goethals Bridge and the Verrazano Bridge and headed north into Brooklyn to deliver a bird cage stand to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Navigation is not one of my dad’s strengths anymore.  In spite of that, we arrived safely and entered the world of plants.

Typhonodorum Lindleyanum

Surrounded by the cascading roots of orchids, I gave Dad his first lesson in contour drawing.

Dad's first contour drawing

Not a bad beginning.

Ink and Peerless Watercolor Papers

The portability of the Peerless Watercolor Papers outweighs their limitations.  I love the vibrant colors.

Perhaps I will sleep tonight, dreaming of spending a month in Brooklyn sketching at the Botanical Gardens for hours every day, taking occasional breaks to walk around the corner to the Brooklyn Museum.  Sweet, very sweet dreams.

My Dad’s drawing is done with a fine tip Sharpie Marker.  My drawings are drawn first with fountain pen followed by washes of Peerless Watercolor Paper Pigments using a Kuretake Water Brush