Tom bought a variety pack of Flying Dog Beer to enjoy over the 4th of July weekend.  The beer was spectacular and the labels both stunning and entertaining.

I’m sending out the word…. I want my images to be used on labels of wine, beer or single malt scotch.  I’m not as clever as the writers for the scotch and Flying Dog Beer, but I bet someone out there could do an awesome job, coupled with the ink and watercolor sketches.

Harp Lager

How about it Harp?

Lost Dutchman Lager

Maybe offer a CD of Dan Dutchman Diefenderfer playing blues harp.

CD Cover, Six Odes to Single Malts

Or maybe a CD cover inspired by Saxophone Single Malt Scotch.  Link to Six Odes to Single Malts.

Napa Nick Cabernet

Full bodied, extra dry bold cabernet with cherry overtones.

I’d buy them, wouldn’t you?

Paintings: ink and watercolor painted during the Tuesday Night Blues Jams in Easton, PA.