'Dancers' Watercolor

I received an email from a young woman who wrote …

“I was wondering if you would mind if I got one of your pieces of art made into a tattoo. I know I don’t have to ask you but I wanted to.”

After replying to her that I was delighted and curious as to which image she had chosen.  I was also pleased that she had taken the time to notify me of her intention.

She let me know which image she would use and told me why she had chosen it.

“The reason I am getting it is because I met you a very long time ago at an arts festival and I told you I couldn’t draw and you told me to just watch these individuals dancing and just draw their movements. My lines turned into images and it was the most amazing feeling and I’ll always remember it…saying I couldn’t do something and proving to myself that I could. You called me an artist. It was amazing. Thank you.”

A brief encounter can change a life.  We often don’t know when our words or our art has changed the life of a stranger.  What a treasure it is when the person whose life was changed reaches out to acknowledge that special moment.

I’m looking forward to being present when she gets her tattoo.