The yellow card in my post office box announced the arrival of a surprise package.

Tea Parties and Butterflies

The package was from a new friend, the woman who owns the house and garden where I painted during the Keyport Garden Walk earlier this month.  In the small box I found a smaller, round box.  A piece of cloth embroidered with images of flowers and tea sets protected a butterfly my friend made from a shell she found on the beach.  I couldn’t resist making a drawing of the thoughtful gifts.

A tea party is planned for early next month.  I’m bringing homemade scones!

Sketchbook drawing: Drawn first with ink, followed by watercolor.

I certainly feel as if I’m popping Alice’s pills lately.  In the morning I work small and tight, in the evening I work large and wild.


Elephant Teacups, ‘Afternoon Nap’

Along with working small in the morning, I am playing The Color Scheme Game backwards.  I am looking at reality and deciding what color scheme that reality comes closest to.  I then alter the least amount of reality necessary for it to fit into a color scheme.  I am shocked at how uncomfortable I am with this process.  I will continue to play this way until it become second nature and I can wave the magic wand at will to create the images that are screaming to get out of my head and onto paper and canvas.  I need the facility to create both realism and abstraction along with complete understanding of color interactions.  That’s not too much to demand of myself!

Though fighting my way through my limitations is frustrating, once I break through, the joy of painting and drawing is doubled or tripled each time I reach the other side.  Naturally, there is another barrier in my way.  That only means that I’ll have even more fun when I get through that one.

I am having a blast!

Painting:  drawn first with pencil, followed by watercolor.