Watercolor and ink slip all over on coated card stock.  The surface prevents me from even attempting to be fussy.

V.d. King, Arne Englund and Ed Sullivan, musicians

I needed a bit of loosening up last night at The Grisly Pear Blues Jam.  A couple of sheets of card stock are always stashed in my back pack for such occasions.  To view the rest of last night’s paintings visit The Grisly Pear Album on my facebook page.  Scroll down to the last entries.

Sketch: Drawn first with dip pen using Noodler’s #41 Brown 2012 ink, followed by watercolor on coated card stock

Experiencing a delayed response, or a ghost image in my brain, has happened before, but never poured out onto the paper as clearly as it did last Monday night at The Grisly Pear Blues Jam.

David Bennett Cohen on Keyboard

I had just finished a sketch of Big Ed Sullivan that had not captured his features at all.  I moved on…. there is never time to fuss during a jam.  I grabbed another piece of paper and  sketched David Bennett Cohen sitting beside me playing keyboard.    My brain must have still been holding the image of Ed’s profile because the result was a cross between the two musicians, a bit odd.  If Big Ed wore David’s glasses and sat down at the keyboard, he might look like the painting shown here.

Watercolor / Ink sketch: drawn first with dip pen using Noodler’s Black Swan in English Rose Ink, followed by watercolor.

Replenishing inspiration at The Grisly Pear is a great way to start 2012.

Ted Horowitz (Popa Chubby) and Arthur Neilson

It was not my intention to stick with a color scheme of analogous with one complement throughout the night, but that is exactly what I did.

Musicians at The Grisly Pear

I’m looking forward to painting at Christine Santelli’s Singer / Songwriter Open Mic on Wednesday nights beginning next month.

Paintings:  Drawn first using dip pen with Black Swan in English Rose Noodler’s Ink, followed by watercolor

Wes playing guitar at the Monday Night Blues Jam at The Grisly Pear.

Wes at The Grisly Pear

I love the way the Diamine Denim ink bled into the purple watercolor wash.  A bit of color mixing together in one simple shape creates an illusion of space behind the figure.  Tricked by that illusion, my brain attributes weight and form to the few lines I used to portray Wes as he played blues guitar.

sketch: drawn first with dip pen and Diamine Denim ink followed by two strokes of watercolor while the ink was still wet.

I usually sit at the corner table next to the keyboard player when I paint on Monday nights at The Grisly Pear.

Arne Englund on Keyboard

I get a great profile view of the keyboard player.  Last night pen and brush worked well together to depict characteristics of the musicians.

I never know what sort of night it will be.  Some nights are better than others.  Last night was a good night.  The most important thing is to show up.  Even if I have a bad night painting, the music is great for my soul.

Sketch: drawn first with dip pen using Diamine Denim Ink followed by watercolor

Congratulations to Big Ed Sullivan and Arthur Neilson! Both musicians were inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame on Sunday, December 4th!

V.d. King on keyboard

Last night at The Grisly Pear turned out to be a good night for drawing profiles.  This one of V.d. King on keyboard was the first of half a dozen successful profiles.  I’ll post the others soon.  These musicians are incredible. My dip pen loves to dance to their music.

Sketch:  drawn first with dip pen (Diamine Denim Ink) followed by washes of watercolor.

A great father and son duo at The Grisly Pear last night!  Jeff and Clark Englebert from Tucson, Arizona.

Jeff & Clark Englebert, Father and Son

Turned out to be a great night in spite of the rocky start.  I had just started painting when a pitcher of beer spilled into my backpack.  It was all uphill after that.

Sketch: Drawn first in ink with dip pen followed by washes of watercolor.