In early January I traveled to Asheville with my friend, Pete Lutz, to shoot a few trial art demo videos.  I totally froze in front of the camera, couldn’t even say my name comfortably.  Pete sent me the footage a few days ago and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Here are a few of the many bloopers……

Since then I purchased an ipad and I’m making my own little clips.  After the photo shoots in Asheville I realized I needed to become comfortable in the company of a camera.  Thanks, Pete!  You helped to make the giant leap into art video demos.  As soon as I edit the rest of the footage I’ll post the best of what we filmed in January.

I need to do about a dozen of these before I tackle a 36″ x 48″ sheet of watercolor paper.

Sailboat Races No. 2, Watercolor 11″ x 22″

Eventually I will be working from photographs Michael has taken during his racing adventures both in Florida and in California.  I am currently working from black and white photographs I found among Betty’s reference materials when I merged her studio with mine.  I’ve been trying to identify the photographer to no avail.

Color Study in large, watercolor, leather bound sketchbook, drawn first with pencil, followed by watercolor