6:45 am, Polt Mountain, New Jersey…. morning sky looking 150 degrees SouthEast and looking 290 degrees NorthWest…

Morning Sky 150 degrees SouthEast

The crack of dawn erupted into kaleidoscope vision of oranges, pinks, turquoise and violets.

Turning my head in the opposite direct, the colors of the sky were muted, almost hazy.

Morning Sky 290 degrees NorthWest

Painting my daily weather journal is a constant reminder to look in all directions, not just the world as it appears in front of me.  Had I faced only NorthWest, I would have missed the drama that was in motion behind me.

Weather Journal Paintings: Watercolor on scraps of watercolor paper recycled from unfinished or unresolved paintings.

We lost power long before the tree hit the house.

Strong winds at 3pm

Throughout the night the wind sounded like a locomotive on a loop around our house.  Sometime around 1 am, a different sound was heard above the howling of the wind.


We are fortunate that the tree fell as it did, taking hardly more than the gutters along with it as it fell to the ground.

Hurricane Sandy retreats from Polt Mountain

A reminder of the power, the fury and the beauty of nature……

Thanks to Tom’s gift of a mountaineering compass, I know exactly which direction I am facing when I paint en plein air!

12:30 pm, facing East, October 18, 2012

Yesterday, based on the position of the sun, I guessed that I was facing East.

8 am, 60 degrees East-North-East, Polt Mountain, NJ, October 19, 2012

No more guesswork! When I awoke, the cornfield and harvested part of the cornfield were both bathed in a pinkish glow.  Within minutes of painting this little sketch the sky turned gray and the rain shower began.