I’ve enjoyed a fabulous week along the Wicomico River in Maryland, painting and visiting with friends.

rocks among the marsh grass

The water lapped at the rocks behind me. I turned and decided to paint them.  It’s been a while since I tackled painting a pile of rocks.  As the wind picked up the gentle smacking sound grew louder.  The sky darkened, clouds swirled and I felt like I wanted to paint in that spot forever.  It’s been a great week.

5″ x 5″ oil sketch, en plein air, rocks, water and marsh grass

October on the Wicomico River in Maryland is perfect.  I don’t have to wear a bee keepers face mask to protect myself from mosquitoes!

Wicomico River, oil painting, en plein air

The colors are simultaneously muted and bright once the mist has lifted from the water.

Plein Air Oil Painting:  5″ x 5″ color study on gessoed birch panel.

Playing with different formats from the same vantage point …

Looking upriver from a small beach across the river  from Whitehaven, MD
6″ x 12″ en plein air oil painting on canvas

There is the long, narrow, horizontal view…

Same vantage point, 5″ x 5″ en plein air oil painting

And then there is the square composition variation.  My focus was on mixing both cool and warm variations of the green marsh grasses and phragmites.

Paintings: Top painting – oil on canvas, en plein air landscape, terra rosa underpainting. Bottom painting – oil on gessoed birch panel, en plein air landscape, terra rosa underpainting.

The late afternoon light on a clear day is awesome along the Wicomico River in Whitehaven, Maryland.

Afternoon Landscape, en plein air, Wicomico River, 5″ x 5″

Another little painting …..

Same spot……. after Monet the Mouse added his footprints

At the end of each day I lay the paintings on the the floor of Dave and Anita’s workshop.  Bad idea…. a very tiny mouse danced across five of the boards while the paintings were still wet.  I won’t make that mistake again.

Color Study Paintings:  Both are oil paintings, en plein air, painted on 5″ x 5″ gessoed wood panels with Terra Rosa underpainting.